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WWWATER provides assistance and consulting. Whether  you need help with plant familiarization, lab, paperwork, operations, or any other plant function, remember that WWWATER is your choice for help. Read some testimonials, then contact us for your needs. Nothing is too small for us.

Services Overview


WWWATER provides both short term and long term training. The short term training (usually day-and-a-half workshops) provide the needed CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for  KDHE and ABC certification/recertification. They are short, self-contained units that dig deeper into a certain subject matter. These workshops not only provide the student with the hours needed for renewal, but they help the operator learn more about the subject matter being taught. They provide an easy way to get more knowledge to improve your skills and learn new things. See the list of workshops here.

WWWATER also provides long-term classes in topics such as Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation and Maintenance and Collection System Operation and Maintenance (More to come! Check back with us.). The long-term classes-usually semester long courses- not only give the student training hours for KDHE and ABC , but they also provide the student with a rare opportunity to learn their system from the “ground up”. One of the strengths of the long-term classes are the “PIT Stops” (formerly called JSIs). During these (usually) day-long Personal Instruction and Training (PIT) sessions, the student and the instructor meet one-on-one, where the student gets to work hands-on in subject areas that would otherwise be difficult, or impossible to accomplish any other way.  These personalized sessions, although not required, are a great opportunity for the student who wants to go “above and beyond”. The PIT Stops are included in the price of the course, and are a great way to take full advantage of what WWWATER has to offer. Read more about the long-term classes here.

WWWATER also does safety training. Whether you need monthly, quarterly, or annual meetings, or something customized to your needs, contact WWWATER first.