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“I would be happy to attend another one of your classes”

Jim Miller, City of Sedan

“Dale is very knowledgeable, good speaker, interesting presentation. All in all, a very good course.”


“My weak point is math and he has a good way of explaining it! He is thorough and knows his business!”


“My thanks go out to Dale for giving me a true training experience rather than acting like it has just been his job. I will continue to contact Dale for operation advice and training for myself and my fellow operators...”


“Was very informed on topics that were covered in the short time  we were here. He was here to help us.”

Jason Meyers

    “This class was very informative. I feel like this was the best 2 day class I could have possibly taken to get me ready to take my certification test. The instructor puts his student’s needs first in the class and really helps make it a friendly environment.

      I can only hope that my next workshop instructor is as skilled and knowledgeable as the one that was provided for me today.

      I’d rate my overall learning experience a 9 out of 10”


“I have taken several classes over the years instructed by Dale Vanderhoof and have always found them to be informative. He is very knowledgeable in his field and takes the time to explain things completely.”

Mike Powell, City of Douglass

“Class was great–full of great information...Keep quality people teaching for our environment.”

Carl Miskimins


“Engaged class very well. Kept topics interesting and relevant.”


“I have learned a lot from Dale’s workshops. He has done a fabulous job ! in prepping me to pass my Class I-II-III, and hopefully IV. He was a great asset to your establishment.”


“These wastewater schools are very important, especially for new operators entering this field. I have been in this field for 23 years, and Dale has been one of the better instructors; bringing innovative techniques to understanding math, and wastewater in general. It is always a good idea to refresh one’s skills and keep current in this ever-changing field. Dale certainly brings this to the forefront in his classes.”

Chris Rogers, City of Manhattan

“Some people say they can’t afford to send someone to class.  I say they can’t afford NOT to!  My employees are much better having attended class.”

David V

“While I was discussing class at work, several of the guys learned stuff they never knew before.”



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