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You can find workshop information here. Check back often–this list changes as we add/change workshops.


Please read all this information–especially the information in red below!

Click on the workshop title for more information on a workshop. There you will be able to print out a more detailed description, as well as register and pay online. Some workshops may be offered more than one time in the year. So be sure to double-check that you have the correct date and location before registration and payment.

You can also go to the Events and see a calendar of workshops and long-term classes.

All workshops, unless otherwise noted, are equal to 10 hours of CEUs, (or ¼ point, if you are needing points). If unsure what you need or how many, read this.


Workshop #

Click on the Workshop Title

to download a .pdf  file, for more information, for the dates and locations, and also to register and pay.

Brief Description


Advanced Activated Sludge

Sampling, calculating wasting and returns.
Intro to BNR


Basic Activated Sludge

Intro to A.S., different types, bacteria types


Basic Water/Distribution- Wastewater/Collections Math

Math 101. Beginning math calculations: how to do math–tips and tricks, Magic Circle; area, volume, detention time, fps, psi, dosage, etc...



Biological Nutrient Removal


Chlorine Disinfection

Using chlorine to disinfect. CT values, properties of cholrine, detention times, etc.


Collection Systems

Brief Intro/overview to wastewater collection systems


Distribution Systems

Brief Intro/overview to water distribution systems


Lift Stations

Covers all types of L.S., but focuses on wetwell-drywell and submersible.


Secondary Treatment-A Review of the Activated Sludge Process

How bacteria works, effects of temperature, brief overview of Preliminary Treatment and Primary Treatment. Secondary Treatment/Activated Sludge: Return, Wasting. Calculating wasting rate. Pumps overview (how centrifugal pumps work). Safety.


Small Systems-Wastewater

Small Wastewater Systems–Ponds
(Note: this is a 1 day workshop. It will give you 5 hours ( 0 points) of CEUs)
Click here to see the Prices and the Package Deal


Small Systems-Water

Small Water Systems
(Note: this is a 1 day workshop. It will give you 5 hours ( 0 points) of CEUs)
Click here to see the Prices and the Package Deal


Wastewater Certification Exam Prep.

Certification Prep; a brief flyover of the long-term WWTP O&M (Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation & Maintenance) class. Note: This workshop will be "customizable" to the participants. Read this for more info.


Collection Systems Certification Exam Prep.

Certification Prep; a brief flyover of the long-term WWCS (Wastewater Collection Systems) class. Note: This workshop will be "customizable" to the participants. Read this for more info.


Wastewater Stabilization Ponds

Covers ponds, wastewater basics, preliminary treatment, operations, etc.



The 1-day Small Systems Workshops–marked in yellow below- are $90.00 per person. (If you purchase both the Water Small Systems workshop and the Wastewater Small Systems workshop as a package, you get a discount. You can purchase the package deal for $170–saving $10).

All other workshops are $135.00 per person.

The prices above apply only if the registration is turned in prior to 2 weeks before the workshop date. After that date, the price goes up 10%.

Walk-ins are allowed, but keep in mind these points:



If you use the ePay system (which is secure), payment can be made instantly, online, by either credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to use the online payment system. PayPal handles the online payments, and you are able to pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Also, you can pay by check/money order, or we can invoice you. However, since it costs more to process these, there is a 2 dollar fee per person added to the bill. Be sure to bring the payment with you to the workshop if paying there. The Instructor does not usually have change, so bring the proper amount with you.

Even if you use the alternate methods of payment, you still need to register prior to the workshop or class. This saves a spot in the workshop or class and guarantees that you will receive any handouts. It also locks in the pricing in effect at the time of your registration. You can see the different payment options here.

Every workshop and long-term class gives you the option to pay the “Early Bird” rate, which will save you at least 10% (or more, depending on when you pay). If you pay for the workshop/class at least two weeks prior to the beginning date of the workshop/class, you will receive the “Early Bird” rate. If you pay less than two weeks prior to the workshop/class, 10% is added to the price of the workshop.

Although walk-ins are allowed at workshops and classes, WWWATER discourages walk-ins, due to the fact that there may not be enough workshop material for the walk-in student. Those who have paid in advance will have priority over walk-ins when distributing workshop/class materials. Also, since walk-ins will have to pay at the door the day of the workshop or class, 15% will be added to the price of the workshop/class.

Below is a table on price deadlines.


Other Instructions

All workshops include workshop manuals, which are for the students to keep. Depending on the workshop, there may also be other handouts or materials that the student can keep. These are included in the price of the workshop.

It is up to the student to bring other items to the workshop with them. These include pens/pencils, highlighters, and a notebook or paper to write notes on. These items will not be provided at the workshop, so please be sure to bring them. Also, most of the workshops will have a math session, so it is highly advisable to bring a calculator.



It is the goal of WWWATER to conduct every workshop or class. However, there needs to be a minimum number of students in order to make the workshop/class “take”. (Each workshop has a different minimum.). If, for some reason, the workshop/class has to be cancelled, we will try to contact you using the contact information you gave to us when registering. (That is why it is important to give complete and accurate information!) It is not the responsibility of WWWATER to try to find someone to contact. We will use the contact information provided to us during registration to contact someone in the event of a cancellation or other reason. It is then their responsibility to make sure the student is contacted.

Also, the notice will be on the website. Contact us if not sure.

For obvious reasons, walk-ins can not be notified. So if that pertains to you, check before leaving!! We can not be held responsible for you not being notified!

In the event of weather, use your discretion. The weather conditions at the workshop/class site may allow the workshop or class to go on as intended, but conditions between the workshop/class location and where you are may not make it safe to travel. Use your best judgement.

Conversely, conditions may be great where you are, but the weather at the workshop or class location may make cancellation necessary.

Also, there may be last-minute changes or cancellations that may make it necessary to contact you. (Often, it becomes necessary to change venues at the last minute.)

The best option is to check the website before leaving.

If it is necessary for you to cancel, contact us immediately upon learning the reason for the cancellation. You may be eligible for a refund of all or part of the payment.



It is the student’s responsibility to be sure they are on time and attend all days of the workshop. An attendance sheet will be passed around sometime during the morning, and sometime during  the afternoon (if applicable) each day of the workshop. It is your responsibility to see to it that you sign it. This sheet goes to KDHE to record your hours/points.

WWWATER will not mark you “present” if you are not there. If you aren't there, leave early or arrive late, this will be deducted from your time. Likewise, anyone who signs the sheet for the afternoon session and then is not there, will have their name removed from the session they miss. WWWATER will not “ghost sign” any attendance sheets, nor will allow anyone else to.

Many people tell us that they only need x number of hours to fulfill their CEUs; and ask if they can only show up for the number of hours needed. There are a few answers to this question:

If you have any questions about the workshops, contact us.  


Payment Deadline


Rate Discount

Any time prior to 2 weeks before the workshop or class begins

  • 1.5 Day Workshops: $135
  • Small Systems Workshop: $90
  • Long-term classes: $1,650

"Early Bird Rate"

Later than two weeks before, but any time up until the workshop or class begins. (10% is added to the rate.)

  • 1.5 Day Workshops: $149
  • Small Systems Workshop: $99
  • Long-term classes: $1,815

"Last-minute Rate"

At the door the beginning day of the workshop or class (15% is added to the rate)

  • 1.5 Day Workshops: $155
  • Small Systems Workshop: $104
  • Long-term classes: $1,898

"Walk-in Rate"

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